All You Need Is Your Best Attitude

Every so often I will hear fellow creative types say “I just can’t do it without…” followed immediately with a description of some elaborate and expensive tool of the trade they are in. I’m here to tell you right now that your tools matter very little in regards to your success. If you have a positive attitude and an unrelenting passion for what you do, then I promise that you will succeed.

Arrow Magazine is dedicated to creativity in art and fashion and to be perfectly honest with you, I know next to nothing about fashion. On a Saturday afternoon you’ll likely find me sporting a t-shirt and workout shorts. Both have splotches of paint on them from the last time the wall and I fought with a bucket of paint. Heavens, if it wasn’t for the internet, to this day I’d have no clue what Uggs are. When it comes to your trade, you don’t need the biggest and baddest tools or most expensive equipment. Do you remember when Lady GaGa wore a meat dress to an award ceremony? She wore the flesh of an animal and I’m not just talking leather or fur here, no this was the meat of the animal. Sure, she probably had her butcher use the most prime cuts but still, we’re talking meat. You still think you need “super silk” or whatever it is you want?

Photographers aren’t immune to gear lust either. So many new photographers want the really expensive DSLR body and the massive telephoto lens that requires you to attach the lens to the tripod instead of the camera. Think about this for a moment though: the most amazing images of the 1900’s were taken on cameras that today are obsolete. There have even been photographers who have used disposable cameras simply to prove this very fact.

Instead of dreaming about the day you’ll be able to afford the super expensive equipment you want, try thinking about the creations you’ll be making at that point. Now ask yourself why you can’t create that today. Ignoring the tool that will make it easier for you to create these items, what prevents you from creating it today? Is it actually impossible or are you just telling yourself that it’s impossible?

Ultimately, it isn’t the equipment that makes you a better craftsman, it is your own knowledge and experience. The more you learn about your trade, the better you can do it no matter what tools you’re using. If it was all in the tool, then you would be able to hand a high end, “take out a second mortgage” kind of expensive camera to a 10 year old and the kid would be able to immediately provide us with Earth shatteringly beautiful images. We all know that’s pure poppycock. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Try to do new things with the gear you have. Set a theme for a series of photographs or articles of clothing and create a whole bunch of pieces that revolve around that idea. You’ll actually surprise yourself with at least a few of the items you create.

In the end, you just have to remember that you’re in this because you have a passion for what you create, not because you have a passion for the tools.


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